The Best Betting Markets For Multi-bets (Accumulator Bets)

multi-bet betting: how to choose best markets for accumulatorPlacing multi-bets (i.e. accumulator betting) is a very profitable venture when done responsibly. However, there are several aspects like the choice of games, betting markets, amount of games and the stake that determine a bettors success in multi-bet betting.

The choice of betting market is very crucial because, with an increase in the number of games in the bet slip, you must try to minimise risk by placing safer bets that are easier to win. But which are these games? Look no further! Here are the safest betting markets for multi-bets.

Over 1.5 / Under 3.5

over under betting market
Truth be told, over/under is the second most popular betting market, which is widely used by bettors worldwide. This betting market is easy to understand and predict. It entails predicting the number of goals to be scored in a given game.

In over/under betting, it is advisable to go for the 'over' betting markets because it is not restrictive, unlike the 'under' betting. In this betting market, the most suitable market is over 1.5 goals.

An over 1.5 bet requires a minimum of two goals to be scored in a particular game for you to win. In the premier league and most of the other top leagues, the average goals scored per game is over 2.5, meaning that your bet is very secure with over 1.5 bets. In the lower-scoring leagues like French Ligue 1, under 3.5 goals will fit better given scoring capabilities and historical style of play for the majority of the league's teams.

Both Teams to Score both teams to score

Also known as GG or BTTS, this betting market involves predicting that both teams will score at least one goal in every game in your designate fixture. The number of goals scored in this fixture will not affect the outcome of the game.

Both Teams To Score is an excellent betting market for multi-bets since, unlike the primary betting options, it is not dependent on which team wins the game. Even if one of the teams is weak, you still stand a chance of winning because a single mistake can win you money.

Double chance

double chance 1x x2 bet market
In football betting, the lower the risk, the higher the chances of winning. Double chance betting offers precisely that. Unlike the three-way betting market, double chance gives you a chance to predict two possible occurrences on a football match. This increases your chances of winning the bet from 50% to 75%.

Draw No Bet (Or Handicap 0)

draw no bet market 
The draw no bet is a less popular betting market that is very secure. This betting market means that you predict a team that will win the game, but if the game ends with a draw, the fixture will the game becomes null.

Draw No Bet is very lucrative because it has high odds and safer than the primary three-way betting market. If you know how to use the draw no bet market, then you should be a lucky person because it is very safe for multi-bets.


Corners market 
Betting on corners is another excellent betting market for multi-bets. It is similar to over /under betting because it involves predicting the number of corners in a game. Over/under corner betting is secure because it does not limit you to who wins or scores in a football fixture.

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Article Added: 23 Mar 2022, 14:37 pm GMT

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